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John Charnock

Business Consultancy

 In virtually every aspect of our working lives things are getting tougher. Customers are demanding more of us whilst profit margins are under increasing pressure. Retaining customers is ever harder and gaining new ones is both a challenge and time-consuming. Added to all this, goals and targets are harder to reach while at the same time many of us are also trying to adapt to structural or cultural change.

Many of us have too much to do and not enough time to do it in: very often we can’t see the wood for the trees and all this leaves us with a lack of clear direction, a feeling of not being in control and even missed targets. Does this sound all too familiar?

These are the challenges facing each of us - chief executives, managing directors, board members, general managers, and professionals such as accountants, solicitors and doctors.

Many people out there will offer you advice but even assuming you’re happy with what’s being said, it’s still up to you to implement it.

I can help you!

Not only will I produce a plan you feel comfortable with, I will go that critical step further - roll up my sleeves and help you make it work. I have the broad experience you need so whether you need help with

• Strategy, planning & budgeting

• Target setting and monitoring

• Writing managerial contracts aligned with targets

• Sales management and regular performance assessment

• Performance linked remuneration

• Personal development of yourself or individuals within your team

• Change management

• Project management

• Risk assessment within your business

Your business is too important to be just left to chance or driven by external circumstances, take control and call me today.