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John Charnock

Executive Coaching

 What’s it all about?

More profit for the business, possibly bigger bonuses for the individuals, and happier and less stressed executives who both feel more effective and in control.

That sounds great but how? Quite simply, by gaining the competitive edge, getting more from the same resources, and developing and making the most of the people you have. This could be achieved in any number of ways – for example, helping to focus on the important business issues: ensuring that plans or decisions are clearly and thoroughly thought through: helping executives to improve their performance or reach and exceed their targets: or dealing with areas of their work where executives feel less comfortable.

Coaching is tried, tested and demonstrably effective. Coaching is not about telling you what to do or how to do it; it is about listening, challenging and guiding. Coaching is not ‘training’ or about saying this is right or that is wrong, it is about developing people and letting them do things in their own way or style.

As an experienced and qualified business coach with extensive business experience, I will help you get a clear picture of the fundamental issues you face, formulate a strategy to address them and then support you every step of the way as you implement that strategy.

Together we will:

• Explore the issues

• Really understand what is going on, and how it would look or feel if the issues did not exist

• Understand the goal

• Discuss what corrective action might be taken – consider all the options

• Agree which option to follow and what support may be needed

• Agree on a plan which is ‘challenging, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time bound’

• Identify staging-posts along the way

• Have regular meetings to review and support progress and deal with any problems being encountered

• If appropriate, observe the person being coached dealing with the issue and provide feedback - be the ‘live video camera’

Your business is too important to be just left to chance or driven by external circumstances, take control and call me today.