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John Charnock

About John

After over 30 years with Barclays Bank and many managerial positions in corporate banking, culminating with Corporate Director for the North & East Ridings of Yorkshire, I decided to look for a fresh challenge at the end of 2002.

Over many years I looked after the financial needs of hundreds of corporates as a relationship manager, dealing with every size from partnership to public company, and across all sectors of industry – from professional practices to builders, from racecourse owners to brewers and pretty much everything in between.

In my last 6 years with Barclays I ran a significant sized business as Area Corporate Director for the North & East Ridings of Yorkshire. I was responsible for all aspects of the bank’s corporate representation, with over 30 managers looking after more than 4500 clients, to whom we were lending in excess of £250m and holding deposits of over £500m, making significant pre tax profits every year and having an enviable record for growth and quality of service.

During my time as Area Corporate Director, my principal responsibilities were setting and achieving challenging targets for profits and sales, building a sustainable business with high levels of customer satisfaction, handling all aspects of HR for my team, and developing staff to achieve a consistently high level of performance.

I was heavily involved in developing and leading change – systems and culture - and as a result have a deep understanding of the difficulties and sensitivities involved in successful implementation of change. Besides using traditional business skills, a good deal of every week I was engaged in one-to-one coaching of my management team seeking to improve their results and effectiveness. With professional competence as a given, the coaching was aimed at maximising that professional competence by focusing on the softer skills – inter-personal, selling, time-management, focus etc. Much of the coaching was ‘observational’, watching the managers going about their day to day business and providing feedback

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, I am a very hands-on and results focused professional; self-motivated, an independent thinker with strong reasoning powers, a logical approach and plenty of common sense. My style is direct and open without recourse to status. I have a Diploma in Business Coaching.

Your business is too important to be just left to chance or driven by external circumstances, take control and call me today.